Self-managed Conservatory

Is a self-organized structure found on the grounds of  the Open Assembly in Claim of Asyrmatos.
A place that unites three districts (Ag.Dimitrio, N.Smyrni, P.Faliro).

   Operates collectively with horizontal proceedings, without hierarchies, equally, with freedom and respect for one another; with responsibility and commitment in purpose of spreading music knowledge.
  Aimed at those who want to study music but due to the economic and social situation lack the ability to study in private conservatories or music schools. Also to those who have abandoned their musical studies due to poverty, unemployment etc.
Aimed at everyone, without any of the criteria separating people into upper and lower classes, beyond nationality-related, color-related or other discrimination.
  The above project is not a charity run by some privileged ones, but the expression of a need for collective action and organizational structures of social solidarity and free voluntary offering, not dictated by the rules of the 'market'.
It is akin to other similar attempts and hopes to be a part of a wider struggle and resistance community against the misery and impoverishment imposed upon our lives, especially in the field of education and culture.
  All decisions regarding the operation of the self-managed conservatory are discussed and taken within the open assembly attended by teachers, students, parents plus anyone else who freely wants to contribute to the project
  All relationships developed within are money-free.
All needs, mostly for infrastructure, like musical instruments, music sheets or books, consumables etc. are fulfilled by means of selfless donating initiative and open public events decided upon and materialized by the assembly.

Music unites us, music is for everyone.